About this blog

I, like many, have suffered terribly at the hands of the DWP and their hired gun, Atos. Also, like many, I have decided to fight back.

There are many sites already out there that report brilliantly on the past and present transgressions of the DWP and its hangers-on Atos, Capita, etc.). There are many excellent forums that allow victims of DWP abuse a voice, as well as a means to seek advice and to help others.

However, we also need pure facts and statistics to work with – something the DWP is not inclined to provide unless they’re favourable to the government (and I should know! I’ve hit the DWP with so many FOI requests and SARs I’ve lost count – and received enough poor responses and excuses in the process).

So, whilst we’re waiting for the powers that be to provide information we all want and deserve (such as how many people have died in the last 2 years within 6 weeks of being found fit for work), we can attempt to compile our own statistics that we can use to fight back. This is what this blog is all about.

You will see from the listings that they are comprised of bare facts, devoid of emotion. This is important. By just publishing the barest details necessary it is much harder for those that are responsible for our suffering to suppress information or deny the facts.

The information published on this site needs to be as cold, calculating and clinical as the HCPs on our list. It will be a much more effective weapon this way.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Is this blog still active
    I believe Dr Vincent Paul Abbott GMC No: 2831527 is now a Customer Relations Medical Adviser for Centre for Health and Disability Assessments run by Maximus who took over from Atos https://www.chdauk.co.uk/
    I am currently preparing a complaint against him and two other HCP’s

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