Important Links

Find your HCP

Use the following links and information to find the current status of your HCP:

To find doctors go to – then click on “Check a doctor’s registration status”, near the top left of the page.

To find nurses go to – and it’s self-explanatory from the first page

To find other health practitioners, such as physiotherapists, go to –  (Health & Care Professions Council) – it’s self-explanatory from the first page

Forums where you can discuss what has happened to you and get/give advice:

Sites and blogs with the latest news and information about the DWP, WCA, Atos, Capita, ESA, PIP etc.:

Disability rights and campaigners:

True horror stories:


2 thoughts on “Important Links

  1. You’d better shut this site down you cunt. You’re defaming my wife. She hasn’t done a thing..
    Either shut the site or you’ll be traced by the Police.

    • Dear Daz,

      Thank you for your delightful message.

      Apologies that I haven’t been on the site for so long, as I’ve been ill. Perhaps it would help matters if you actually said who your wife is? I’m afraid telepathy is not a skill I possess, so without a name or further information there isn’t much I can do.

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